SMART Resultancy is a consultancy company specialised in digital or data-driven solutions for development programmes in agriculture and education (feasibility studies, scoping missions, monitoring & evaluations)


Our vision is a world with equal access to information for all and people that use digital technologies to transform their own future. Our mission is to be a catalyst for social technology-enabled innovations in developing countries

We want to contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through the use of digital technolgies in development programs to create more impact on society through a sustainable, user-centred, innovative, participative use of technology based on local demands and embedded in the local context with an ecosystem that enables scale up and replication of succesful interventions. SMART Resultancy is actively involved in the growing debate on better ICT use for effective poverty reduction.

SMART Resultancy supports NGO's, International organizations, governments, social enterprises and technology-led companies that do projects in developing countries. We could support you from ideas and inspiration to realisation and results.

Why partner with SMART Resultancy? We deliver results!
# Expertise in sustainable integration of ICT into development programs to achieve your goals faster
# Get insight in the local context in African countries
#  Get access to a reliable network of technology partners who can deliver in a development context
# Identify the appropriate technologies to ensure sustainability
# Create bottom up innovation with real impact
# Enhance local capacities and ownership

Smart Resultancy has formed a virtual network organisation of independent digital technology consultants and implementers. Martine Koopman is the owner and independent consultant in The Netherlands and with links to like minded consultants, (former IICD) technical support partners and implementing partners based in Ghana, Mali, Kenya, The Netherlands, Malawi, Togo, Uganda and Zambia